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Interview: Nancy Di Fabbio, author of Midnight Magic

Nancy di fabbio headshot 200x300 Interview: Nancy Di Fabbio, author of Midnight Magic

Being horse-mad is a common state of being for many young girls: as a child my shelves were filled with horse-related books, my bureau laden with horsey toes, and my walls plastered with pictures of show jumping beauties. My parents endured no small amount of whining and begging for a horse of my own, or at the very least a riding lesson or two (they gave in on the latter, but stood form on the former, and in retrospect, fairly enough, too).

Nancy Di Fabbio, author of the recently released Midnight Magic, which Ill be reviewing later today, had similar dreams.

I remember my brother and I sitting astride floppy stuffed animals watching cowboys and Indians racing across our little black and white TV, she says. Of course, to us, our mounts werent oversized, under-stuffed fabric dogs. They were gleaming stallions.
Nancy says that neither she nor her brother'gave up dreaming that one day their parents would move a pair of horses into their backyard. I still treasure the innocence that prevented us from realising the impossibility of that fantasy, she says. A 50'x 50' plot in our middle class neighbourhood wasn't exactly a horse-friendly environment!

As an adult, however, Nancys dream of owning a horse came to fruition. I always remained infatuated with horses and eventually bought my first horse when I turned 40. Soon I had amassed my own little herd of five. Four of them are still with me and since they live at home, I spend a portion of every day enjoying and caring for them.

Still, Nancy reflects fondly on her childhood, noting that the fact that her'parents didn't schedule every minute of every day forced her to entertain herself. Nancys two passionswriting and sewingare both creative, and she sees similarities between the two.

Sewing and writing are both creative enterprises that allow me to entertain, inspire and gratify others.'I've always enjoyed working with my hands and allowing my creativity to flow. I've dabbled in metalsmithing, cake decorating, and art, but developed a passion for sewing and fashion design early on.

In fact, sewing was Nancys career for many years: she spent some 30 years'designing and creating wedding gowns before turning to writing six years ago. It was a pleasure working with the sumptuous fabrics, laces and trims used in bridalwear and an honor playing a such an important role in someone's life, she says, adding that a particularly memorable occasion involved'making her daughter's wedding gown and her bridesmaids' dresses.

As a writer, Nancy finds that her'work also impacts people's lives, if only momentarily. Maybe my words have done nothing more than bring a quick smile to their lips or a flash of fear when'they first encounter the sprit in the painting [in'Midnight Magic], but it's an honor to do that as well. I'd love to think that perhaps something I've written has made someone think more deeply about their own life choices, fears or passions.

Writing for young adults can raise issues of age appropriateness, and this is something about which Nancy is highly aware.

It's harder to monitor what a child is reading than what they are viewing, she says, pointing out that the rating systems in cinemas play a role in this, although things do become harder to police when at home. Once the film is available for purchase or rental, kids can easily see R-rated films.

In contrast, books have no rating system and anyone with access to a computer, library, bookstore or a friend can read anything they choose. In Nancys opinion, parents need to take the time to read the YA novels their children crave and then discuss with them any controversial topics and voice their own moral beliefs.

She, however, is well and truly at home in the young adult world. I must confess that I love the characters and storyline of Midnight Magic so much, that I already have a sequel in mind, she says.


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