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Book news, reviews, and musings 9 October 2010

book news 150x150 Book news, reviews, and musings 9 October 2010

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News and features

Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa has won this years Nobel Prize for Literature.

Walker Books will expand into India with a new English-language imprint to launch in 2011.

Is there to be a mini-series of the fabulous Man in the High Castle?

Billy Idols anything but idle: hell publish an autobiography with Simon and Schuster.

Today is the last day to enter our competition to win a copy of Lara Morgans Genesis: The Rosie Black Chronicles #1. Click here to enter.

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The Geeks Guide to the Galaxy interviews best-selling fantasy author of very fat books George RR Martin.

Over at John Scalzis Whatever, Paul Crilley tells us about his debut novel The Invisible Order.

Rick Kleffel chats to Martin Cruz Smith and Tony Broadbent.


Amy at Amy Reads gives us her thoughts on What they Always Tell Us by Martin Wilson.

Kids Book Review looks at the picture book Fox by Margaret Wild.


Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of this years Nobel Prize for Literature, expresses his concern over literatures future in the digital age.

Author Lisa Unger talks about inspiration and characterisation over at the Random House Australia blog.

Kathryn Apel, a childrens author and illustrator, gives us her tips for performing in front of kids. Lets face ittheyre a tough audience!

Matthew at A Guys Moleskine Notebook ponders eReaders and travelling.

Just for fun

As ever, Boing Boing can always be relied upon to send some quirky book-related stuff out into the blogosphere.

Author birthdays

Happy birthday Tawfiq el-Hakim and John Lennon!

Quote of the Day

Publishing is no longer a growth business: what we are contending with is the fact that not as many of us are needed as used to be. Publishing can get on better if it only needs to support about 40 percent of the people it currently employs Douglas Rushkoff at the Frankfurt Tools of Change conference.

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