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Book News, Reviews, and Musings 21 October 2010

book news 150x150 Book News, Reviews, and Musings 21 October 2010

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News and features

Long running fantasy magazine Realms of Fantasy is closing down.

Mark Twains memoir has helped him posthumously climb the literary charts.

Agatha Christies grandson tells us that the famed mystery writer was sick to death of Poirot.

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Booktopia offers up a video with Monica McInerney, as well as an extract from her new book At Home with the Templetons.

The Agony Column interviews author Karen Jay Fowler.


We review Kiss Heaven Goodbye by Tasmina Perry.

Michelle at Book To the Future gives us her thoughts on The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Laura Miller gives us a fascinating review of Running the Books: the adventures of an accidental prison librarian.

Amy at Amy Reads looks at Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, and goes so far as to contact the author to clarify some gender issues. Its a great read.


The Age takes us through a series of stunning picture books.

Author Jason Sandford considers whether social media can be a bad thing for writers.

William Hazelgrove considers publishing in the time of the great yawn (thats not the same as a great yawp)

Just for fun

Galleycat offers some literary Halloween costume ideas.

Author birthdays

Happy birthday, Ursula Leguin and Samuel Taylor Coleridge!

Quote of the Day

And I cant think of a reason Id ever use a pseudonym, as I wouldnt want to publish something that I didnt like enough to put my name on it. Poppy Z Brite

Beautiful book cover of the day

the last bridge coyne Book News, Reviews, and Musings 21 October 2010


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  1. Ahhh if only Id known it was Ursula LeGuins birthday, I have a review to write of one of her books :) Thank you for the ink!

  2. Stephanie /

    My pleasure. I know, I keep doing the sameit would be great to review an author on their birthday. Maybe thats how I should set up my reviews for next year! :)

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