Bookish news and publishing tidbits 23 September 2011

book news Bookish news and publishing tidbits 23 September 2011

The Genre Trap and How to Avoid It

An editors thoughts on factual accuracy in

The joy of formatting and tweaking

Graphicly brings digital comic book publishing to Facebook'

Children and the Future of the Book'

Assessing Childrens E-Book and App Market at TOC Bologna

The Smells of New York: a book that will actually stink.

Advanced book publishing: Written Images on Vimeo!

Read some of the latest book publishing news in todays Shelf Awareness:'

Ugandan author arrested after publishing book that calls for countrys president to step down.'

Is The Internet Turning Books Into Perpetual Works-in-Progress?'

William Gibson: beyond cyberspace

US Bookstore Survives Changes in Publishing Industry'

The next PD James novel blends Austens Pride & Prejudice with

Best author-illustrator pairings:'

Short Stories as eBooks'

9 Things That Happen When You Read

As Poptropica Hits 75m Users, Penguin Plans Print Spinoff'

RIASS stuff:

Giveaway: The Vatican's Secret Cabinet by Daniel Pearlman

A roundup of book giveaways 19 September 2011

Book Review: The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh


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