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Giveaway: The Vaticans Secret Cabinet by Daniel Pearlman


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After a short and killer read (and a free one at that)? The crew at 40K books has kindly given us 3 ebook copies of the The Vaticans Secret Cabinet'by'Daniel Pearlman to give away.

Whats it about? Well, according to the spec fic review site Strange Horizons:'Giuseppe Pennini, a dealer in ancient Roman statuary, is assigned a penance of matching severed genitalia secretly stored in the Vatican museums with the unknown statues from which they were removed. It has so much to delight political intrigue, vanity, greed, and double-entendre all set in a subtle send-up of the traditional detective story, complete with a double-cross ending.

And author Paul Di Filippo says: Dan Pearlmans writing presents us with a rare multiplicity of unique voices. His unforgettable characters continue to whisper in the readers ear long after the final page is turned.

Want a copy for your ereader? Leave a comment. Thats it! The competition is open to all, and closes 21st of September.'

Baffled? Too lazy to enter the competition? You can pick up a copy of the book here for a tiny $0.99.'


While youre thinking, heres some more info on 40K, a publishing company perfectly suited to RIASSs literary outlook.

This is who they are:

40kbianco Giveaway: The Vaticans Secret Cabinet by Daniel Pearlman


This is what they do:

Culture is going digital. Our essays will tell you stories about this shift.
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A sophisticated selection of stories and a lot of award-winning authors.
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pixel Giveaway: The Vaticans Secret Cabinet by Daniel Pearlman


  1. Id like to say that Id do some really clever analysis of the stonework each statue was carved out of, but really Id probably start off with lots of giggling then probably get distracted by all of the silly things one can do with severed stone genitalia and never complete my penance

  2. Stephanie /

    Haha, yes, its certainly not the Elgin Marbles we need to be worried about right now

  3. Marjorie /

    I would love to read this book, the storyline sounds very interesting.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Marjorie /

    Oops, I forgot to tell you that if I do win, I want to get a real book please.

  5. This sounds fantasticand Ive been curious about 40K books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. natvalcas /

    Wining this book, would be awesome. Thank you for that chance!

  7. This books sounds brilliant. Id love to win it!

  8. Nadine Nys /

    I really would love to win this book Thanks!

  9. This book sounds great! I would love to win a copy in any format!!!

  10. Me please this sounds fun!

  11. picidzee /

    Stone penises for free? Give em to me!

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