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Literary Giveaway Blog Hop: Instances of the Number 3 by Salley Vickers

The Literary Giveaway Blog Hop is hosted by the Leeswammes blog. Between now and Wednesday June 27th you can hop to over 60 different book blogs, all offering one or more giveaways of books or bookish items. All books will be literary (non)fiction or something close to that.

As part of my participation in the blog hop, Ill be giving away a copy of'Instances'of the Number 3 by Salley Vickers, who is one of my favourite authors (you can read my reviews of her work here).

instances of the number 3 salley vickers Literary Giveaway Blog Hop: Instances of the Number 3 by Salley Vickers


Blurb:'Bridget Hansome and Frances Slater have only one thing in common. And thats Peter Hansome, who has died suddenly. Without their husband or lover, the women find that before they can rebuild their lives they must look to themselves and unravel mysteries that they had never before even suspected. So begins an unlikely alliance between wife and mistress and a voyage of discovery that is as comic as it is profound. Instances of the Number 3 is a funny, beguiling exploration of love, bereavement, Shakespeare, illusion and the impossibility of escaping your past.


Ill also be giving away some additional (modest!) bookish bits and pieces for those who take the time to leave a comment with their favourite literary author and a persuasive argument for why I should read this authors books.

To participate, simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below. The competition is open to readers from all over, and ends on June 27th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Thank you SO much for this amazing opportunity this sounds like a wonderful book! :D

    • Oh wow, it seems I completely MISSED the prompt here.

      One of my most favorite novels of all time is The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. Quite simply put, this novel (and most others by him), is the kind of book I expect one would find in heaven, explaining everything life was about. Except, lucky for uswe can read it here, on Earth! No, its not about religion, and spirituality his novels tend to speak mostly about the human condition, explore the human psyche, the need for love and affection, and what drives us. If the recurrent question in the life of man is to question his purpose, the purpose of Alboms novels is to answer that very question! :D

      • Stephanie /

        This is one thats been lurking at the back of my mind for a whileIm certainly aware of it, but havent yet read it. Thanks for the suggestion! Ill be in touch over the next few days with a little bookish gift for you. :)

        • Stephanie, you are such a darling. I dont know how to thank you. But believe me, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and Tuesdays with Morrie changed my life. Those novels tie you to life, and humanity, in a way that is indescribable they have brought me much joy, and sadness too, and hope that the illicit strong emotion in you as a reader, and enrich your life, as well :)

    • Stephanie /

      Pleasure, Hira! Salley Vickers is just brilliant, and I feel that its my mission to make sure as many people as possible get to read her! :)

  2. RUSH OF AIR Piotr Sommer

    O days! those were the most unyielding,
    fluid at first, then quivering
    there was no way for them to ripen, come to themselves
    even at night.

    Continents as if nothing ever happened
    shifting beneath the eyelids
    like dust in sunlight.

    And it wasn't clear what links the days
    because the birds
    were moving always in the air, the wind

    • Stephanie /

      Well, Im convinced! Thanks, ParrishIll be in touch over the next few days to get your details for your little bookish gift! :)

  3. I just entered to win a copy of Instances of the Number 3! You can, too:

  4. Ileana A. /

    One of my favorite novels is The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons.
    The book is a masterpiece, its so emotional, the novel is set in Russia and the WWII. And you discover the journey of how love always find a way to bring closer two lonely hearts full of hope for seen each other at least once more.

    • Stephanie /

      I havent read it, Ileana, but The Bronze Horseman sounds brilliant. Thank you for the recommendation! Ill drop you a line to get your details over the next few days.

  5. Vesper /

    My favourite author Id probably say is Jane Austen though there are many others which might get to the no.1 slot Tolstoy, Chandler, Hammett, Trollope, Gaskell. Reason to read other than her books are beautiful written and wonderful characters? none

    • Stephanie /

      Ah, Id say its all but impossible not to love Austen. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Ill drop you a line to get your details over the next few days.

  6. I really like your blog. It is beautifully organized.

    • Stephanie /

      Thank you! I had it redesigned a few weeks ago, so Im glad to hear that!

  7. Im subscribed by email. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. sean /

    Thank you for your generosity!

  9. Ive subscribed to your blog :) What an awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  10. ive subscribed too! love the blog

  11. I just entered to win a copy of Instances of the Number 3! You can, too:

  12. I just entered to win a copy of Instances of the Number 3! You can, too:

  13. Thanks for the giveaway and for joining the blog hop.

    A favorite author? Its difficult. I cant make up my mind. I have recently discovered Ann Patchett and I loved her State of Wonder: theres adventure, relationships, a bit of science. Great combination!

    • Stephanie /

      I know its shameful, but I havent yet read Patchett! Thanks for the rec, Judith. Ill be in touch re: your posted goodies!

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