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List: book-themed podcasts

book podcasts 199x300 List: book themed podcasts

Below is a list of literary-themed podcasts from around the world focusing on interviews, reviews, and book news. The list is in no way comprehensive, and Ill be adding to it regularly. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

General Literature:

BBC Books and Authors (UK)

BBC Radio Books Programme (UK)

Between the Covers (USA)

Book Babble (USA)

Book Banter (USA) new!

If Youre Just Joining Us (USA)

KCRW Bookworm (USA)

Kill Your Darlings (Australia)

New York Times Book Review podcast (USA)

NPR Book Tour (USA)

The Bat Segundo Show (USA)

The Book Show with Ramona Koval (Australia)

The Faber Podcast (UK)

The Guardian Books Podcast (UK)

The Marketplace of Ideas (USA)

The New York Review of Books (USA)

The Wordies Podcast (UK) new!

Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing (USA)

Comic Book Outsiders (USA) new!

Galactic Surburbia (Aus)

Ghost in the Machine Podcast (USA) new!

Rick Kleffels Agony Column Podcast (USA)

SF Signal podcast (USA) new! Podcast Reviews (USA)

Suvudu On Air (USA)

The Dead Robots Society Podcast (USA)

The Dragonpage Podcast (USA)


Mystical Lit Lounge (USA)

Young Adult/Juvenile Literature:

Girls in the Stacks (USA) new!

Just One More Book (USA)


YA Lit Review podcast (USA)


The Narrative Breakdown'(USA)


  1. Can I be cheeky and add another to the UK list? I co-host a comics and pop culture podcast that includes an SFF book club for our listeners. We give people 6-8 weeks per book as everyone has busy lives and not everyone reads as many books as me! We tend to alternate between an older book or classic, and then a new book and on two occasions (Adrian Tchaikovsky and China Mieville) have managed to get the author involved and pose questions to them from listeners.


  2. Steph /

    Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by! Cheekiness is always welcome on the site, so no problems at all. Ive added your podcast to the list. :)


  3. I just found this post! Thank you Ive been wondering where I could find some good book-themed podcasts, but havent had a clue where to start!

  4. Stephanie /

    My pleasure, Michelle. My personal favourite is the Radio National Book Show (hooray for Ramona!), but some of the others are fabulous, too. :)

  5. Nice. I will be checking out your mystery writers website. I love a good mystery novel

  6. I think its time to do an updated version of this post. Its missing my favourite podcast; The Readers

    • Stephanie /

      Its missing a whole bunch of podcasts, Im afraid! Ill definitely earmark this one for an update. :)