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Giveaway: Barry and the Fairies of Miller Street (CLOSED)

UPDATE: the winner of the giveaway is Brenda T. Congratulations, Brenda!


Its been a while since Ive done a giveaway, and since my book stacks are getting more and more likely to topple and kill me, I thought it was time to reward my lovely readers whilst also reducing the likelihood of my dying a painful death from paper cuts. To that end, I thought Id give away a copy of the charming Barry and the Fairies of Miller Street, which I recently reviewed over here.

barry and the fairies of miller street barry dickens Giveaway: Barry and the Fairies of Miller Street (CLOSED)

I just saw a fairy, Nan.

Of course you did.

Blurb:'Its 1957 and Barry has been sent to stay with Nan and Pop during the school holidays while his mum waits for the new baby. Barry is six-and-three-quarters and 22 Miller Street the last house Pop built on theWest Preston street proves full of novel experiences: theres going shopping across the Hump at dawn with Nan ('good isnt it, height, she says, advising him 'you can look at the stars for nothing); keeping Popcompany in the shed, where he goes for his smoko; sharing a bed with great aunt Bess (whose Anzacs are 'an indestructible mixture of oats, molassess, wheatgerm and pure will). Oh, and finding his way to Fairyland. 'Its time you got to know each other. Nan reached up and took an old golf ball out of a baked-bean can nailed to the doorframe above the gully trap. 'All right, she said, 'Now, West Preston fairies are nothing like the English ones. When you find them, do as they tell you. Theyll never do you harm. And dont shout they dont like that. Theyll close up their ears if they hear a loud noise. Now, lets see where the ball lands. Ready, set, go!But then Pop dies, and Barry and his Dad cant find the deed to the house. Developers Snaithe and Sharky are circling and Bracky Boy the Bodgie is threatening the whole neighbourhood.

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  1. Carol /

    Cool giveaways! I love it. I hope that I can win this stuff. thanks for hosting.

  2. Brenda /

    Thanks for the great giveaway Stephanie:)

  3. Stephanie /

    My pleasure, Carol and Brenda :)

  4. Thanks for the contest Stephanie, I think my daughter will like this one

    Shelleyrae @ Bookd Out

  5. Stephanie /

    Pleasure, Shelleyrae. Its a fun little read, and oh-so-Australian. I think your daughter will definitely get a kick out of it!

  6. Happy Reading /

    We really love it.. Hope we are lucky to read all of it.. really like the site too.

  7. This book looks very cute! Im a sucker for cover

    However, your review leads me to believe there is more than just a cute cover :)

    Thanks for the giveaway, btw. Have a fantastic day!

  8. Sue Hull /

    I love to read! Im hoping to win this giveaway so I can read some new different books. Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I pushed subscribe for new posts!

    Courtney Wyant @ Courtneys Book Nook

    • Stephanie /

      Thanks, Courtney! Best of luck :)