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Bookish news and publishing tidbits 7 November 2011

book news Bookish news and publishing tidbits 7 November 2011

RIASS stuff:

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Why read womens fiction?

Helpful advice from some of history's fastest, most prolific authors:'

Does your e-reader get heavier with each book you add?

Random Book Talk November: featuring Frank Moorhouse

A writer explains how she organizes her 3 ring writers notebook:'

I like big books and I cannot lie!

WHSmith have pulled off a publishing coup'

Book defacing becomes art

Amazon launches new e-book Kindle Lending Library. Will you be using it?'

Advice for writers? Gillian Mears says Follow your heart but also listen carefully to editorial tips from somebody you trust'

Book sculpture by Matej Kren (in the Prague National Library):'

Review of Daniel Stein: Interpreter by Ludmila Ulitskaya from the weekends Australian'

French writer Albert Camus was born on this day in

The Hobbit production video #4 shows us why filming it is so much more complicated than LOTR'

Should Readers Pre-screen Books for Publishers?

K.J.Taylor's Design Your Own Griffin

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