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Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 28 March 2012

book news Bookish News and Publishing Tidbits 28 March 2012

RIASS news:

A review of Trash'by Andy Mulligan: an ultimately uplifting novel in the vein of Millions'and Holes

RIASS will be participating in the forthcoming Lori Foster blog tour. You can'check out the other participants here.

I have a whole bunch of bookish quote print-outs (designed in spiffy Art Deco style) left over from my wedding, so if you'd like one, just email your address details to and I'll post one out to you!

Other bookish stuff:

Why is the Middle East important to British Publishers?'Due to the large expat population, much of what British publishers sell in the region is in English, and not translation. However the rights business is growing and there are more translations.

A slow books manifesto: In our leisure moments, whenever we have down time, we should turn to literature'to works that took some time to write and will take some time to read, but will also stay with us longer than anything else. Theyll help us unwind better than any electronic device'and theyll pleasurably sharpen our minds and identities, too.

Ebooks: a more civilised way of scribbling in the margins?'Of the thousands of dog-ears Ive made in books over the years, the ones I might actually return to are those that I can search for when I need them. (see also our post on annotated books)

Stop by the Sue Lawson Forget-Me-Not blog tour

An interview with Lena Coakley, author of Witchlanders

Sophie Higgins, childrens book buyer for Dymocks, stops by the Walk-a-Book blog: I have an ongoing disagreement with my friends about books. A lot of them will only read what I would call 'high' literature and the classics (at least their bookshelves are full of them.. I contend it is doubtful whether they have all been well read!). I think that reading should primarily be about whatever it takes for you to escape to another world for a bit.

The Miles Franklin longlist has been announced

Are you a re-reader?

Kindle Freebie:'Mills & Boon New Voices Insider:'Blogs, hints and the inside scoop from Mills & Boon editors and authors

The Harry Potter eBooks are finally for sale'(and are topping the Amazon charts)

Katniss Everdeen, Meet Hermione, Ramona, Jane Eyre and 6 other unforgettable female characters by female authors


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