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Bookish news and publishing tidbits 15 October 2011

book news Bookish news and publishing tidbits 15 October 2011

Immersive text? Hypertext? Novel? Paul La Farge explains:'

Public bookshelves spread across Germany, allowing free access to literature'

Why you must keep records of queries, and how to do so well:'

Liz Fielding, Mills & Boon New Voices mentor

Why read Moby Dick?

10 South Asian writers you should know (Amitav Ghosh you should REALLY know):'

Young Hemingway's Letters: A Rare Glimpse of the Author's Tender Side'

A house made entirely of vintage books:'

Without Remorse, a Clear and Present : Do terrorists read Tom Clancy's fiction?'

Is Amazon the Sauron of Publishing?'

Writers Who Dont Write'

6 Reasons Were In Another Book-Burning Period in History'

The last words of 25 famous dead

Ever wondered why you harbour that crush on Mr Darcy, Rochester or Heathcliff?'

More School Libraries Offer Ebooks; Increased Demand, Rise in Circulation:

Book Marketing Disappointment

Charles Dickens at 200!'

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