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Book news, reviews, and musings 22 Nov 2010

book news 150x150 Book news, reviews, and musings 22 Nov 2010

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News and features

The Kurt Veonnegut Memorial Library has opened in Indiana.

Allen & Unwin will be launching an Aus-based version of the Faber Academy. What do you think about these paid-for writing academies?

Gawker has received a slap on the wrist for leaking pages from Sarah Palins forthcoming book.

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Shirley Marr gives us a fascinating post thats half a musing on the world constructed in her fabulous debut Fury (see our review), and half an interview that picks up similar themes.

The Australian Literature Review interviews picture book author Kerry Brown.


Zosia at Book Chick City reviews Sleeping with the Fishes by Mary Janice Davidson

The Anniston Star reviews Nightfall by Michael Cunningham

Nayus Reading Corner reviews Gone by Lisa McMann


The Guardian contemplates how walking can feed the poetic soul. I personally walk a good 10k and run 6-7k a day, and find that this time is essential thinking and imagining time.

Jason Sandford ponders why we review. For me its a desire to further understand what Ive just read. I find that Im much more likely to actively contemplate and analyse a book if Im to write a review about it.

Does reading make us happier?

Just for fun

Check out this fan trailer for Cynthia Leitich Smiths Eternal.

Author birthdays

Happy birthday, George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans)!

Quote of the day

Every reader finds himself. The writers work is merely a kind of optical instrument that makes it possible for the reader to discern what, without this book, he would perhaps never have seen in himself. Marcel Proust

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