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Book giveaway: Cardanica: a steampunk nightmare by Dario Tonani

cardanica Book giveaway: Cardanica: a steampunk nightmare by Dario Tonani

Update: the winners of this competition have been notified. Thanks so much for entering, everyone!

After a short and killer read (and a free one at that)? The crew at 40K books has kindly given us 3 ebook copies of Cardanica: A Steampunk Nightmare'by'Dario Tonani to give away.

Whats it about? Its steampunk story set in a poisonous world where huge trucks the size of ships plow across the treacherous sands.''The 'Robredo' is a giant ship-truck, the darling of the local engineering world. Built of metal and wood, it's powered by a 'magic mix' of steam and bacteria'

What the critics say:

Now that Ive read Cardanica, I wont be taking any elevators.
Roberto Grassilli

Not since Harlan Ellisons I Have no mouth and I must scream has there been a better depiction of man at the mercy of his own vindictive and sadistic creations.
Paul Di Filippo

Want a copy for your ereader? Leave a comment. That's it! The competition is open to all, and closes on the 16th of October.'

Too impatient to wait for the draw? You can'pick up a copy of the book here for a tiny pick up a copy of the book here for a tiny $0.99.'.99.'


While you're here, here's some more info on 40K, a publishing company perfectly suited to RIASS's literary outlook.

This is who they are:

40kbianco Book giveaway: Cardanica: a steampunk nightmare by Dario Tonani

This is what they do:

Culture is going digital. Our essays will tell you stories about this shift.
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A sophisticated selection of stories and a lot of award-winning authors.
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Follow them:'Facebook'|'@40kbooks'@40kUSA'@40kITA


  1. David Morgan /

    Would love to read a good killer book, especially a free one!

    • readinasitting /

      Thanks for your comment, David, and best of luck :)

  2. Hi! I found Darios book on Twitter and was blown away! I would love to have this, but sadly I dont have an e reader and after a life struggle for the last three years, wont be getting one anytime soon. But I wish him well, and will get it as soon as I am able. The art work is outstanding!
    Susan Moore

    • readinasitting /

      Thanks for your comment, Susan. I can check with the publisher to see whether a PDF might be available.

  3. LelandEaves /


    • readinasitting /

      @LelandEaves Thanks for your comment, and best of luck!

  4. geminicalli /

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    geminicalli at yahoo dot com

    • readinasitting /

      @geminicalli My pleasure :) Best of luck!

  5. steampunkcom /

    Sounds like a cool read. Sign me up.


    • readinasitting /

      @steampunkcom Thanks for entering. :) Best of luck!

  6. ReneeRearden /

    Cardanica sounds frighteningly awesome! Im so excited to read about this new world.


  7. This sounds completely different from what I normally read and Im intrigued pick me!