Do you wear your bibliophilia on your sleeve?

Royal Wedding Mug front back1 300x258 Do you wear your bibliophilia on your sleeve?

Last week I received a book pack from Mills & Boon that in my mind was a total, erm, boon. Not only did it contain some spiffy books, but also a Mills & Boon Wills & Kate commemorative mug! And a pen so pink that it veritably glows in the dark! Both now have pride of place on my desk, and as I was making my morning coffee today, I began wondering about the degree to which I like to show my love of books beyond the books themselves.

penguinbags 234x300 Do you wear your bibliophilia on your sleeve?Theres this entire website, of course, but beyond that I have a mountain of Taylor & Francis/Routledge reusable bags that I tote my groceries around in, some bookmarks from New Holland, and a notebook from the Journal of Philosophy, just to name a few. (My favourite is pencil from the Journal of Economics made from recycled money) Im quite happily a walking advertisement for all things bookish, and feel quite chuffed when I walk around with my Readers Feast bookstore canvas bag or slip a cute Leunig bookmark from Readings into one of my books.

Im not alone: one of my bookish friends has a love affair with Penguin gear so strong that shes been asked whether she works there, and another has so much branded publisher gear that it wouldnt surprise me if Vogue'takes note and leaps on this nerdy trend.

What about you? Do you like to rock out with your book gear out? Whats your favourite piece of publisher fashion?

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