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Guest Post: Embracing the Future: Or Six Reasons Why I Love My Kindle

This post has been kindly supplied by Steph Little

Embracing the Future: Or Six Reasons Why I Love My Kindle

kindle 203x300 Guest Post: Embracing the Future: Or Six Reasons Why I Love My Kindle

First things first: I, like you, am a fully-fledged book lover. Reading is my favourite pastime in the whole world. I love nothing more than spending hours wandering around a bookshop and I admit I get a kick out of that musty, second-hand book smell. I've worked in the publishing industry my whole adult life and I feel like books are a huge part of what makes me, me. So I always considered myself a purist.

That is, until two months ago when I was given a Kindle as a gift.

As you may know, Amazon's Kindle has a specific role in the eBook reader market to provide the very best reading experience possible, the best black and white 'paper' simulation in a pocket-sized, feather-light device. But it's no mean feat, and for those of you in love with the tactile nature of a paperback and the embossed feel of a hardback jacket, this might all be a little hard to swallow. But allow me to share with you the reasons why I have learned to love my Kindle.

The basic features

Let's not pretend there's anything particularly exciting going on here. The Kindle 3 is lighter, thinner, smaller and cheaper than its predecessors. 'It holds more books and its battery last longer than its counterparts. It connects to its bookstore via WiFi and that's pretty much all you need to know. We'll leave the web browser and the cool apps to Apple for now.

The convenience

For anyone who likes to take a lot of reading on holiday, you can't argue with the Kindle's weight and size. Even the latest Murakami novel can be beaten down by the standard baggage allowance.

The reading experience

The Kindle has been designed to emulate our experience of reading a book as closely as possible and arguably its weight, its size, its lack of back-lighting and its innovative use of e-ink make the Kindle far better suited to a sustained reading session than the iPad. 'Picture yourself reading on an iPad in glaring sunlight and you'll catch my drift.

And crucially, the font size on the Kindle can be adjusted to suit the reader. If you know someone with a visual impairment, someone frustrated perhaps with the lack of large-print and audio books available to buy or borrow these days, you will appreciate how important this really is.

The instant gratification
You've finished the first novel in a series and you want to keep on reading? Sure. In a matter of clicks you have the next installment right in front of you.

You want the latest blockbuster before anyone else gets their hands on it? Pre-order it now and on publication day there it is, waiting for you. Relax, you didn't even have to leave the house.

You want to indulge in a guilty pleasure that you might not necessarily buy in a bookshop? Buy it from the comfort of your sofa! Who cares what genre you're reading! As long as you're reading, right?

The accessibility for authors

There are currently fourteen authors in the Kindle 'Million Club': authors selling more than 1 million copies of their books on Amazon's Kindle store. Interestingly, one of them is self-published author Amanda Hocking, who sold the majority of her one million independently (via Kindle Direct Publishing) before being signed to a contract with a publisher. Without the traditional model of author-agent-editor-publisher-distributor-bookseller, this legitimate 'direct to reader' model could be a new and exciting one for us readers.

The future

No, I won't stop buying books. I won't stop borrowing from my local library but, much to my surprise, I will continue to supplement my insatiable reading habit with this little portable device. None of us can really predict how reading is still yet to be transformed by digital media but, in my opinion, our bookish world is quickly becoming a very exciting place to inhabit. As Kindle 'Million Club' member, David Baldacci, said: E-books are leading the way in more people reading and its great to be part of this revolution.

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  1. What a great post Stephanie. I couldnt agree more. I considered myself a purist too until my wife Sarah bought me a kindle last Christmas. I am absolutely hooked on its convenience and readability. I devour books but some of my favourites in hardcopy format are not ideal for carting around in the brief case or travelling think the complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle :). I, like you, still love the experience of reading a hardcopy and I like nothing better than looking around our house at the various works that adorn our shelves. However, for all the reasons you have listed, you just cant go past being one click away from reading whatever you want, whenever you want. Thanks and all the best, Chris

  2. Love your reasons and agree with all of them. I got my Kindle especially for travel, though still bring paper books too! I cant see it ever replacing paper books, but a great companion!
    Amy recently posted..Review: Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih

  3. Ive had my Kindle for almost a year now, and while I was at first a bit reluctant to get an e-reader at all (I do love the feel of a real book in my hands), I cant deny that its been a real benefit for me, especially when it comes to e-ARCs that keep being sent my way. Without my Kindle, my only choice would have been to read them on my laptop, which isnt exactly comfortable for extended periods of time. I dont think Ill ever stop loving real books, but my Kindle is going to stay with me for years to come!
    Bibliotropic recently posted..Want the chance to win an awesome book?

  4. I live in a 250sq ft apartment in a non-English country. Getting a Kindle meant I could start reading again. Love love love it!
    Alex F. Fayle recently posted..Where's Alex? Under revision'

  5. I have still not yet embraced ereaders. I occasionally read ebooks on my laptop but its nowhere near as enjoyable as a good old fashioned paper book (the smell! the feel! I cant give it up). Lately Ive been thinking of getting with the times because Im a bit overloaded with books and have no space to put them, but I just cant quite make the commitment yet.
    Belle recently posted..My 2012 Reading Challenges

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