Bookish news and publishing tidbits 21 September 2011

book news Bookish news and publishing tidbits 21 September 2011

Snacks of the Great Scribblers: Franz Kafka drank milk while working'

The 7 types of book lovers.'

Esquire: The 75 Books Every Man Should Read

Celebrating 50 years of The Phantom Tollbooth

Book View Cafe (Ursula K. Le Guin) on Clinging Desperately to a Metaphor'

How ebooks cant reach the poor, and libraries

As Its Final Stores Close, We Ask: What Happened To Borders?'

Is penmanship being written off?

Rejected covers of famous books'

Do language professionals need to bother about social'media?'

Harry Potter'Page to Screen, the trailer:'

Top-selling 100 books of all time: download the

Why gamification is key to publishings future'

Readings Books has popped up in Lygon Court with a brand new pop-shop'

NZ resists Oz-style media audits'

Angry Birds group plans indie publishing business

News sites now getting into the e-book biz.

Hard Case Crime back to publishing after hiatus:

Goodreads chases the recommendation Holy Grail'

Amazon subscription service could rewrite book industry'

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